Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Shadow Dancer" by Courtney Rene (Book Review)

One of the most popular questions asked is, "If you could have a super power, what would it be?" 
Now, I ask you, who wouldn't want to at least try invisibility?
Have you ever wondered whether or not things hid in the shadows?
How would you feel if you learned that YOU were one of those things?
While reading "Shadow Dancer" I found myself trying to pull a shadow up around myself.  Unfortunately, I don't have the gift, but sixteen-going-on-seventeen year old Sunny does.
Sunny also has other gifts she never knew about.  Sunny meets Leif, from Acadia, who is also a shadow walker and helps her learn new things about herself, her family, and her possible future...
Courtney Rene has a talent for writing the teen voice and brings us inside Sunny's head where we laugh, cry, and scream right along with her.
This is a great story that leaves us wanting to read a sequel and Courtney Rene is just the person to write it.

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