Friday, May 25, 2012

...And The Whippoorwill Sang by Micki Peluso (Book Thoughts)

It's 1959, and seventeen-year-old Micki has just married eighteen-year-old Butch Peluso in a double ceremony with her mother. So begins Micki's story that spans 22 years and 6 children. This memoir goes cross-country and back, and through the years up to 1981, while Micki struggles with an uncertain future as one of her children lies in a hospital bed, fighting for her life.

When Micki contacted me about reading her book, I had already known she had lost a child to a drunk driver. I was honored to read and review her memoir. She not only sent me an autographed copy, but also wrote a special note inside the front cover. My apologies for taking longer than anticipated, Micki.

I expected the book to be all about her daughter, and the tragedy that occurred. I sat down with the book and a box of tissues, but surprisingly, this story wasn't like that at all. There were so many comical moments in their life, and I found myself laughing out loud, especially during the cross-country trip of Micki and her friend Anita.

However, I was quite surprised we don't learn which of the 6 children is the one in the hospital bed until page 178. Also, the Peluso family had a large number of friends, who had children around the same ages. This is a wonderful thing, except that at times, I felt their names were laundry-listed into the chapters, so as not to leave anyone out. I found these chapters slowed me down a bit. Toward the end, some of the chapters felt rushed, and the significance of the titled whippoorwill felt thrown in.

All in all, the book was well-written, and although there were times when I didn't read for several days, Micki's words always pulled me right back in.

Some good came from the Peluso's tragedy--Micki made some important strides in getting stricter punishments for drunk drivers, and her book is recommended by MADD.

I did cry, but mostly I laughed and smiled at this heartfelt memoir. If you like memoirs, it is definitely a good book to curl up with. I could almost see her life story made into a Lifetime movie.

Thank you, Micki, for sharing your book with me and for sharing your life with thousands of others.


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