Thursday, June 28, 2012

"I, Houdini" by Lynne Reid Banks (Book Thoughts)

Now you see him, now you don't--You may think Houdini is a strange name for a hamster, but if you've ever heard of the late Great Houdini, the most amazing escape-artist of all time, you'll understand how I got my name. I'm proud to say that there hasn't been a cage built that can hold me. I can climb, dive, wriggle, squeeze, or gnaw my way out of any prison they come up with. I have to admit that sometimes freedom leads to a bit of trouble--like getting cornered by the cat, ending up in the dog's mouth, or being trapped in the freezing cold of a dark refrigerator. But I won't be stopped! With a whole big world out there to explore, who wants to be held prisoner in a hamster cage?

I, Houdini: {The Autobiography of a Self-Educated Hamster}
 I, Houdinibook cover of 

I, Houdini 

The Amazing Story of an Escape-Artist Hamster 


Lynne Reid Banks

I vaguely remember reading my daughter's copy of The Indian in the Cupboard. I don't remember too much about it, except that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I know, that's bad, but it WAS a long time ago.

I, Houdini was first published in 1978. Yikes! I was 16 years old back then! I'd never read it back then, since by that time, I was reading Shakespeare in English class. I wouldn't have been caught dead reading a middle grade book at that age.

Silly me! I, Houdini has been re-printed a few times in the last 34 years because the story is timeless. Mrs. Banks descriptions of a typical family was entertaining, and this autobiography of a pompous but lovable pet hamster is hilarious.

Houdini, who has a better vocabulary than some of the humans I know, refuses to be caged for very long. He gets into some scary situations in his pursuit of freedom, but soon, humans and hamster come to an agreement.

It's a short read, only 127 pages, but the book is filled with adventure, and makes you think about what could be going on inside the mind of your family pet.

I highly recommend it!