Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The 'Write' Environment

Whether it's at the kitchen table, alone in your vehicle, at a desk, or while sitting on a park bench, having a designated space to write can make all the difference in your productivity.

If you're anything like me, it may take up to thirty minutes for your muse to stop flitting around and focus when you're ready to write.

Setting up my work every time I want to write is time-consuming, and when only able to steal away tidbits of writing time, every moment is precious. There's nothing worse than having to put all your notes, scenes, and chapters in one big pile every time you need to set the table for dinner. Sorting out that pile again is a huge time-waster and enough to chase your muse into the living room to watch reruns of

If you must work on the kitchen or dining room table, in your vehicle, or on a park bench, you may want to invest in something like the Wonderfile.

I find that leaving my work-in-progress on my desk and opened to the last scene I worked on is like a constant reminder to get back to work. Before doing anything, I like to read over the last few pages of what I wrote to jump start myself.  BUT that doesn't always work--sometimes while I'm reading, my muse skips away to eat a giant bowl of Heavenly Hash ice cream. 

There are times, like when I'm doing dishes or while on hold with a parts supplier, that a designated writing spot isn't necessary for my muse to poke me in the ribs and an idea or scene pops into my brain. While I may write those ideas down, I need somewhere to organize all those pop-ups. We all need a place to put those little slips of paper and notebooks without worrying about splattering gravy on that awesome battle scene that took a week to get 'just right.'

We need a place where all of our tools are easily accessible. No one wants a perfectly constructed sentence, a jewel of dialogue, or a climactic revelation to float away into thin air while you rescue your favorite pen from your child's backpack or plead with your husband to log off that fishing website.

By sitting down at your dining room table, your spare room, or even your converted closet,

Isn't this the cutest little nook?

your mind, and your muse, will be trained to know it's time to get to work.

We need a spot to turn on our favorite creative music, or if you prefer, a place to enjoy total silence where we are free from distractions--a place that tells your family, "Do not disturb me, please. I'm working."

Setting up your own space shows others, and yourself, that your work is serious and your work space is off-limits to curious hands and eyes. It's also a good place to handcuff that free-spirited muse. 

Do you have a designated space for creating?


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