Friday, June 7, 2013

Four For Friday--Charlotte Kent

Four For Friday is a weekly feature where guest authors choose one of their own characters to complete four sentences. 

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This week's post is by Charlotte Kent from her novel, A Clue for Adrianna

Hi! I’m Adrianna Maria Montgomery. I’m 26 years old, well almost 27, and am now a proud resident of a small town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore called Captain’s Point.  My life has changed so much in the last several months—I was laid off from my job in Seattle, my Great-aunt Martha died, my fiancé left me, I moved cross-country, and I inherited the Montgomery fortune, my ancestral home and found the love of my life!  Maybe I should back-up and give you a little more background on myself.  I have long dark wavy hair, dark eyes, and everyone says I have the Montgomery mouth.  I received my undergraduate degree from Stanford and an MBA from the University of Washington in Seattle. My parents were both archeologists, and my mother was Italian.  While they were traveling the world, I spent summers during my early years in Captain’s Point with Great-aunt Martha.Montgomery House and all its grounds and gardens provided an idyllic setting in which to play, imagine and grow.  I loved to explore, especially in the woods behind the house. My great-aunt along with her property manager and housekeeper, Otis and Penny Plunk took exceptionally great care of me until I was old enough to accompany my parents on their work travels. I experienced things most people only dream about—riding a camel, participating in a dig in Turkey and cruising the Greek Isles until my parents dropped me at a Swiss Finishing School for my teenage years.  Tragically, they both lost their lives much too soon in an auto accident along the Amalfi Coast.Despite all the challenges in my life, I’ve always had an undying spirit that allows me to always see the good in people and situations.  When confronted with circumstances beyond my control, like being summoned to Captain’s Point for the reading of my late aunt’s will, I rise to the occasion and meet my challenges head on.  In the process of doing so, fate brought me my soul mate in attorney, Chase Augustus Sheffield.  He is my everything—my hero, my friend.  We’re engaged and getting married in late summer! You’re all invited to our wedding which will take place at the end of August. Get to know me better by reading A Clue for Adrianna, the first novel in the Captain’s Point Series.  Our wedding takes place in the second soon-to-be released novel in the series, A Man for Susan, which will be available by the end of June! Hope you’ll join us!

  1. The best part of a wedding is…

The best part for me is seeing family and friends come together in celebration of two people who want to share their lives with each other.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to be getting married soon to Chase Augustus Sheffield, and I can’t wait to experience my wedding day with friends and family present to celebrate our special day!

  1. My father is…

still watching over me even though he’s no longer here on earth.  I feel his presence in my life everyday and know that he will always be proud of me for my accomplishments and for the way I am continuing the Montgomery legacy in our ancestral home.

  1. My ultimate summer vacation would be…

sailing the Caribbean with my new husband finding all the romantic hideaways the islands have to offer.  We might just do a little treasure hunting, too.

  1. The most important thing I learned in high school is…

I actually attended a Swiss Finishing School instead, but it would be having mastered five languages (French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian) allowing me freedom of communication throughout a large portion of the world.


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