Friday, November 8, 2013

Four For Friday--Alice Ayden

Four For Friday is a weekly feature where guest authors choose one of their own characters to complete four sentences. 

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This week's post is by Alice Ayden from her Ausmor Plantation Series

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I’m Jane Austen. No, not that Jane, but I am a huge fan! My last name just happens to be Austen, and my mom named me Jane after her favorite aunt. I live with my family on a working Virginia Plantation that’s been in my family since before the Revolutionary War. There are plenty of secrets at the Plantation: spirits roam the halls, there’s a hidden cellar, a killer might be lurking, one of my aunts hates me, my cousin is a twirloholic, and I can’t seem to remember the handsome handyman that’s just come back – that’s because I tripped on the stairs (I think) and lost the last 6 months of my memory.

1. The thing I’m most thankful for is...

Definitely my family. They put up with all my craziness (and I have a lot of it with the pesky amnesia, I’m convinced someone’s following me, and I keep having flashbacks to a cellar). I’m always grateful to my cousins (Evan and Lillia) who have my back, my cat, Fanny Dingo, who watches over me, and for being able to live in such an amazing house.

2. The best part about the Thanksgiving meal is...

That my aunt, Bitty, didn’t cook any of it. She thinks she’s a cook, but I don’t consider chocolate covered cauliflower a delicacy. Luckily, Mrs. Hodghes is the best cook, and she likes me so we always have amazing food. Plus tourists like to visit to see how the family celebrated back in the day.

3. I wish the people in my family were more...

I wrote many versions for this answer, but ended up chucking them all. For all the bugaboos, I wouldn’t really change any of my family. My cousin, Lillia, twirls, my other cousin, Evan, is the smartest person I know, Mrs. Kiness protects, Grand Maeve has never met a man she couldn’t tempt, Uncle V is obsessed with Canada, Aunt Bitty tries to poison everyone every year, but I wouldn’t be who I am without any of them.

4. Temperatures are getting cooler, that means...

Fires in the fireplaces which only scares Mrs. Kiness more because she thinks every pop is one of the spirits haunting her. It also means hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows, fudge, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate covered... Wait, I’m suspecting a theme here.


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