Wednesday, February 26, 2014

In Twitter and In Life

In Twitter and In Life

1. There are no do-overs.

2. Think before you speak. (And try to spell-check)

3. Just because nobody answers you, doesn't mean they aren't listening.

4. Don't be annoying. If you keep saying the same thing over and over, no one will listen.

5. If you ask a question, and someone answers, be kind enough to acknowledge that person.

6. Be nice to people.

7. There will always be cliques. If you're not in a clique, it's okay. Really. If you're in a clique, see #6.

8. Don't ignore people unless they're annoying or not nice.

A Short List of Friendly Twitter people to follow:

Me, of course! @deestan62

Belinda Witzenhausen (writer & editor) @BWitzenhausen

Andrea Buginsky (YA writer) @AndreaBuginsky

Ksenia Anske (writer) @KseniaAnske

Lydia Aswolf-Cary (writer, blogger, dispenser of #tweettreats) @LydiaAswolf

Cheryl Kaye Tardif (writer) @CherylKTardif

Freeange (an uplifting and friendly soul who loves to read) @poemgal

Lisa Rodrigo (daytime soap opera blogger) @thesoapspiel

Cheri Lynn Frye (lover of Outlander novels) @CelticFrenchFry

Tablo Publishing (publishes e-books) @tablopublishing

Brickstone Publishing (publisher) @BrickstonePub

Carol Marrs Phipps (Fantasy writer) @Car01am

Sarah Allen (writer & blogger) @SarahAllenBooks

Khara House (poet) @ourlostjungle

Elyse Salpeter (writer) @elysesalpeter

My Not So Real Life (teen book blogger) @MyNSRL

So tell me--What life lesson has Twitter taught you? Don't forget to share your twitter name. We'll be sure to follow you too!