Monday, May 23, 2011

How Do You Write?

I used to have a schedule. I would go to my haven every night after dinner and write until I ran dry. Unless, of course, one of my favorite television shows was on television. I also kept a notebook on the kitchen table for late-night-insomnia writing and early-morning, fresh-from-a-dream writing.

Not so much anymore. My schedule went out the window a few months ago and lately I sleep like a log. I barely get up in time for a shower, let alone for writing.

Our repair shop is booming, so phone calls, scheduling, and paperwork have been making me more money than my writing has lately. I do have some priorities. Besides, my hubby gets upset if I don't focus at work.

But lately, all I wanna do is write! I almost cancelled dinner plans this past Saturday because I was on a roll. Since my darling daughter will be leaving home again in a few months, I am already planning out my writing schedule:
Monday--e-mails and market research
Tuesday--Blog posts
Thursday--Rewrites of previous week's work
Saturday--Writing. After the laundry. And more laundry, lol.
Sunday--Novel Course work

Sounds like a plan, huh?

 I know many of my writing friends have much more hectic lives than my own. So, I wondered--
When do you write?
Do you have a schedule?
Or do you write only when inspired?
Do you write at night?
Or during the day?
Do you write with a plan?
Or do you write in bursts?