Saturday, May 28, 2011

Writing Short

If you're anything like me, you may like to dabble in different forms. While I'm currently enrolled in a course offered by The Institute of Children's Literature, I also experiment with poetry and adult fiction.

I recently came across an interesting market. Blink|Ink, a quarterly fiction magazine, showcases short fiction of about 50 words.

"A blink of words, just a handful, is how we share our lives and thoughts, with one another."

Blink|Ink also features special issues, downloads, art, multimedia projects, photography, and more.  Their website says:

...Nobody in our organization receives compensation for this, and we cannot pay our contributors at this time. What we can do, in sharing our love of writing, is offer free copies and support to our contributors. Blink|Ink, as part of Full Of Crow, is made up editors who understand community and the need to support our own. If we can be of help to our contributors, please contact us. If you have a concern, please share those as well because we are committed not only to demonstrating appreciation for our readers and writers but to standing by them.

Why not visit their website? At this time, Blink|Ink is looking for dark fiction submissions until June 15, 2011t)