Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween Theme

At this time of year, the internet is inundated with Halloween trivia, tips for safe trick or treating, costume ideas, and spooky stories. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Yup, I like it even better than Christmas.

There are no presents to buy, no holiday dinner to stress over, and no to-do lists. Sure, you HAVE to buy candy for the trick or treaters, but I don't consider it a chore. In fact, I look forward to buying huge bags of my favorites, anticipating a large amount left over. :)

Halloween Candy

For me, Halloween is all about FUN! It's caramel apples and costume parties and crunchy leaves and lots of orange and creepy decorations. Halloween is the one holiday that 'too much' is never too much.

Halloween Autumn Theme

And the costumes! I love the costumes. I can be a butterfly and skip around, fluttering my pretty wings.

I can be a witch with green skin and a large ugly wart on my nose, cackling at the moon (and scaring the crap out of my cat.)

Deluxe Wicked Witch - Adult Costume

I can be a fortune teller in a long skirt and a peasant blouse, and gaze into my crystal ball while I tell your future in broken English, read your palm and consult my  tarot cards.
Divination Cards

 I can even be a pirate wench and imagine sailing the open seas with Captain Jack Sparrow aboard the Black Pearl in thigh-high boots and fishnet stockings.

Oh, wait...I do that all year.

Anyway, Halloween is MAGIC! What other time of year can you use your imagination and be whatever you want to be? (without people looking at you like you're crazy.)

What or who will you be today?