Monday, January 23, 2012

Spreading The News (January) A New Agency & A Great Website

On March 1, 2012, Marisa Corvisiero, formerly of the L. Perkins Agency, will be opening the doors to her own agency, Corvisiero Literary Agency, LLC.

Keep your eyes open. She will post the new website address and submission guidelines. Corvisiero Literary Agency will implement a new electronic submission system that will not only allow authors to submit queries online, but can also see status updates! No more worrying and wondering if the agent received the query. No more unanswered submissions--the site will let the author know where they are in queue and when their query is being read. This is extremely exciting!

Ms. Corvisiero is training two Junior Agents for the agency, who will work alongside her with author submissions. Don't submit anything yet, though! But when she opens for submissions, make sure you send her a well-drafted story with a unique voice and well developed characters. Here's what she's looking for:

"I love unique stories, especially in mixed genres. I will consider Romance, Thrillers, Adventure, Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and the same for Young Adults and Middle Grade readers. In non-fiction I enjoy out of box and high concept spiritual, self improvement, parenting, science, and pop-culture."

Marisa also works closely with Literary Powerhouse Consulting. They offer a huge array of services--from writing to printing, publicity, one-on-one coaching, finding an agent, online workshops, self-publishing and distribution. They also offer "Over the Top Services" for when you earn the big bucks, such as Event Planning, Catering, Fashion Styling, and Success Coaching. The LitPow Portal, a members-only gathering place for authors, agents, publishers, etc to connect with each other, is coming soon!

Read Marisa's Blog for a sneak peek at what the LitPow Portal will offer.

I've been a Poets & Writers subscriber for about a year now, but just recently went to their website. WoW! I certainly missed out on a ton of useful information this past year!

The classifieds page is chock full of Calls for Submissions, from anthologies and books to magazines. They also have listings for conferences, contests, jobs, retreats, and workshops. Check them out and sign-up. It's FREE!