Friday, September 21, 2012

Paying It Forward--Cross-Promotion is a Wonderful Thing!

Paying it forward has made for a very busy week. 

The Best Indie Book Festival is over.

but the afterglow still lingers.

More than 60 authors and bloggers joined Melissa Foster's Awesome Support Group. 

(Do you see me?)


We interviewed and promoted 10 amazing authors and their award-winning books, helping to increase their sales and exposure.
All bloggers have reported an increase in traffic and some have even been contacted by other authors, requesting interviews!

On a personal note, I've interacted with some great authors and even got to interview Kathie Shoop! 

(Did you see it? It's right HERE!)

I also came away with about 15 books to read, increased my Twitter followers, blog traffic and 
I've gotten so much exposure through the event that I know would have taken forever to get on my own. 

I've gained a little more self-confidence and so many opportunities and possibilities have become available through the World Literary Cafe.
But more importantly, I've met so many awesome people (especially Melissa Foster) from all over the world with the common goal to support authors and 
Pay it Forward.

Who knows? Maybe some day soon, they'll all help promote my novel...