Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy aka Frankenstorm...EPIC!

I'm writing this post on Sunday morning. When it goes live on Monday, we will be under a hurricane warning. Thanks a bunch, Sandy.

Here on the east coast, the media hype started three days ago. They say this storm will be EPIC. By now, the local A&P is probably sold out of water, milk, and bread, and the Home Depot and Lowes stores in the area have probably made a killing on generators.

We can't be too careful. Last August, when they were hyping Hurricane Irene, I poo-pooed the whole thing. We live 60 miles inland and in the mountains. Surely, they were talking about the people on the coast...Well, 6 downed trees on our property and 10 days of no water or power later, I was a believer.

Our town flooded (thankfully, our repair shop was built on a slight knoll) and people were either flooded or stuck in their homes for days.

So, when I walked outside this morning and saw this in the sky:

And this map on The Weather Channel:

Can you see the storm from the west heading toward NJ? Yeah, that should collide with Sandy soon.

I figured we'd better batten down the hatches.

Stay safe, everyone!