Friday, April 26, 2013

Four For Friday--Mariah Deitrick

Four For Friday is a weekly feature where guest authors choose one of their own characters to complete four sentences. 

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This week's post is by Mariah Deitrick from her novel, THE FORGOTTEN

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My name is Addaline Walker. I’m sixteen, a student, I work in the gardens, and I’m a participant in Crawford City’s annual Judgment Day. Not fun! That’s when I’ll find out if all my hard work has paid off and I’m worthy to live in the city. If not, I die. Wish me luck! I’ll need it.

1. The best part about Spring is…
The weather. It’s kind of nice not having to worry about heat stroke or frostbite while working outside.

2. I used to believe in the Easter bunny, but then…
Xander and I ate him. Well, we ate a bunny. I’m not sure if it was an Easter bunny or not, but I don’t know the different species of rabbits. Do they have black fur?

3. Most of the clothes in my closet are…
T-shirts and jeans.

4. My favorite social media site is…
Social media site? Is that the places where people gather for celebrations?
I can’t say I have a favorite. The only place we have in Crawford City for stuff like that is where hundreds of children were sentenced to death. It’s not really a good place for parties and chit chat.

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