Friday, May 24, 2013

Four For Friday--Courtney Rene

Four For Friday is a weekly feature where guest authors choose one of their own characters to complete four sentences. 

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Courtney Rene kicked off this fun feature back in January, and I'm happy that she came back to do this week's post from her novel, SHADOW'S END.

Sunshine (aka Sunny) is a seventeen almost eighteen-year-old girl that currently is shuffling back and forth between Earth, known as the water realm, and Acadia, known as the sun realm.  Neither place is all that wonderful right now.  At home on earth with her parents, Sunny is still treated like a child, with rules, and curfews, and school.  Then in Acadia she is expected to be an adult who makes decisions for an entire realm.  A king is after her, along with a rebel force.  How is she supposed to bring peace to Acadia as well as haul them out from the dark ages, when she has important things like blue ice fairies, red people, and prom to worry about?  Sunny has many talents, some of which include aura reading, invisibility, and one of these days she will get the hang of how to control her gift of energy without blasting everything and everyone with a shot of energy strong enough to kill.  Sunny likes to read, take walks in the warmth of the sun, and meet new people from all the different realms, even if they come with sharp blood thirsty little teeth.  Please feel free to contact her at:  

1. My favorite flower is...

a daisy, because they are such happy little spots of color.  Don’t you think?  Their little faces reach up toward the sun and dance and wave in the wind.  How can you not love a daisy?

2. This Mother’s Day I plan on… 
trying not to strangle my mother.  She just doesn’t get me anymore!  She is so frustrating!  How am I supposed to be in two places at once?  She doesn’t want me to be a shadow walker, but I can’t help that.  It’s who I am!  Why is she….sorry I digressed a bit there.  For Mother’s Day I plan on having a lovely brunch with my mother.  She likes to spend time with me and that is the gift she asked me for.   

3. The senior prom…
was fantastic!  Lucas was so hot in his tux.  We danced and we talked and we kissed.  It was a wonderful time.  I get all warm and tingly just thinking about it.  Do you want to see some photos?  I have a ton, thanks to my mom.

4. Only one more month until Summer. I…
simply can’t wait.  My life is so busy between school and training and home and Leif trying to aggravate me, and even Lucas some days.  I so need something to give, just a little bit at least.  Finals are coming up.  I can’t believe I am happy about that. Who is ever happy about finals?  Growing up is so hard.  


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