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Snugg The Bug in a Rug--World Tour!


Treasure Lost and Found is a new book for children aged two to six years, and older kids to read themselves.Snugg the Bug in a RugHi, I’m Snugg the Bug. I live in a rug
And inside my rug, I’m warm, safe and snug.
It’s sunny and bright, a nice winter day.
I’m ready for Spring and wish it were May.
Thus begins a rhyming story that will delight kids, and adults will have fun creating voices and rolling rhymes. Snugg the Bug is a fun-loving fellow with lots of friends. Snugg, two spiders, three mice, a rat and a slug all live in a old, abandoned mansion.  Treasure Lost and Found is about friendship, teamwork, stealing and sharing. Your children will enjoy their time with Snugg and his pals — spiders Itsey and Bitsey, mice Jake, Sadie and Doc, Skatt the rat and Doug the slug.

Today in a A Room To Write, I have two guests! 

Robert McFarland, the author, lives in Canada, and Rama Dixit, the illustrator, lives in India. Since I live in the US, this blogpost is quite the global experience!

Hi, Robert. Your answers will be in blue. Hello, Rama. Your answers will be in red. Come on in and have a seat. Wait! Let me move those crayons. Oops! Don't sit on the cat. Sorry it's so crowded in here. I'm thinking of doing a room renovation soon.

So anyway...Welcome!

Hi Denise, nice to meet you. 

Thank you Denise for having us on your blog ! I’m delighted to do this interview with you. Oops! I’m sorry I dropped your crayons!

~That's okay, Rama. I have plenty. Congratulations! You both must be very excited about your first picture book.

As a children's writer, with illustrations involved, it requires patience, tempered with anticipation, to see for the first time, the illustrators concept of your characters. 
Almost every time Rama presented me with one of my characters, I would do a 'fist pump' followed by an emphatic, "YES, she's done it!" It's an awesome feeling.

Yes of course! Though I’ve illustrated a few books earlier, illustrating for Robert’s book was all and all a new experience. And I think Robert wrote it so beautifully, that I could not refuse him.

~I have always been a fan of children’s picture books. I admire the ability of a writer who can say so much in so few words, and an illustrator who can capture my imagination. Besides Snugg, what is your favorite picture book?

My favorite all time children's book is Beauty and the Beast, illustrated by Aubrey Beardsley.

I’ve always enjoyed ‘Winnie The Pooh’ series of books. I think they’re the best picture books we have around.

~As you can see by the amount of pencils on my desk, I write longhand with paper and pencil before typing a manuscript into a computer document. Robert, tell us about your writing space. What is your favorite writing tool?

My writing space is my car. I have a notebook and sit with a coffee, in a nearby mall and write longhand, then transfer to computer.

~Rama, I have so much respect for artists. Although I've tried, drawing is not one of my strengths, but I do enjoy coloring with crayons and colored pencils. What medium did you use for Snugg's illustrations? What is your tool of preference when creating?

I use Opaque water medium colors. We call it Poster Colors in India. I think, it gives a great weight and strength to the picture. The effect looks massive! I would say my tool of preference would be using a nice medium-sized brush !

~Robert, which one of your characters is your favorite, and why?

Snugg is my favorite character. He evolved from an idea I had almost 25 years ago, and now with Rama's incredible talent, he has become a reality to me. Each one of my characters holds a special place for different reasons.

~Rama, which one of the characters was the most fun to draw? Which illustration in the book is your favorite?

I think I loved all the characters equally to draw and paint. Each had it’s own charm. I loved the picture where everyone is in the basement, and Skatt the Rat is peeping from a hole, looking very guilty.

~It's self-promotion time! Robert and Rama, what project are you working on now? Where we can find you on the internet?

Because I am self-publishing and promoting the book locally, as well as on line, it is taking up most of my time at the present. However I would like to do a second Snugg book down the road. You can reach me by e mail at snuggnrug@hotmail.com

Right now, I’m working on a painting. It’s been years since I’ve wanted to take up painting with Oil. Other than that I’m doing a Cover-Art for Thynks Publication. I’m also in talks with some Authors & publishers.

~Thank you both for visiting A Room to Write, and I can't wait to read your book!

Thank you for your interest, it is very much appreciated.

Many thanks for having us here! It was nice talking to you.                                                                                                                 
Much love to you the readers!


To find out more about this adorable picture book, please visit snuggthebug.com

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