Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Another Transformation

One of my biggest obstacles is being unorganized. The total chaos in my writing room hinders my production, and it's downright depressing. I'm on the verge of being featured on that show about hoarders.

Previously, my work area consisted of a computer desk and a regular desk. Since I didn't have the forethought to take pictures of 'before' the transformation, please bear with me.

The computer desk kinda-sorta looked like this:

And the other desk kinda-sorta looked like this:

Yeah. The effect wasn't pretty. They sat side by side against one of the walls. It seems like a whole lot of space, but I still had no room on the desktop to work. Crazy, huh? AND I had nowhere to put all of my books. I have a whole lot of books. 

I came up with the idea of a long worktable with two bookcases at each end. I recruited my hubby for the task. 

I should have taken photos of the room before I emptied out both desks, but it happened so fast, I didn't have time to think. The desks were removed from the room, all of my stuff (office supplies, reference books, magazines, and desktop doo-dads) was piled on the floor and the remaining furniture, and before I knew it, the worktable was built and installed!

(Sorry about the sun glare) This is my writing room from the doorway.

The octagon is a stained glass window. The worktable is built along that wall.

The futon, piled with an assortment of 'stuff' and the closet. The closet is another story for another day. We won't get into that right now. Besides, I can't reach the darn thing.

My bulletin board, TV, and sewing machine table (also piled with 'stuff')

The table is ten feet long by thirty inches wide--more than enough space. (I hope) I DO have a tendency to want to fill empty space...

The 'L' shape on the right hand side is the perfect space for my printer. 

Considering my husband is an automotive mechanic by trade, I think he did a really nice job. Don't you?

After spending the day in the room, banging into things and knocking 'stuff' over, my husband made numerous comments about all the 'stuff' I have. While I sputtered and explained, I took a good look around. I DO have a lot of stuff!

Visions of the A & E television crew knocking on my door has convinced me that I need to get rid of some things. At the very least, I need to hide it better. 

I'll keep you updated...

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