Monday, November 30, 2015


Today is the last day for NaNoWriMo. If you look to the right of this post, you can see my total word count. I failed. Miserably. I only had one full week of determination, motivation, and creativity. Even my muse sighs disgustedly when she sees that total. 

I know what you're thinking--"But there's still time!" Yeah. No. It's not gonna happen. 

I'm usually an optimist, so the good news is that I wrote 20,000 words that I hadn't written before. When I go back and read it all, I'm sure it's all crap, but there may be some golden nuggets hiding in that mess. We'll see. But really, 20,000 words while I took solo care of the business for a week, 20,000 words while gearing up for Thanksgiving, 20,000 words while being a business owner, housewife, mother, daughter, and grandmother is really good in my book. 

I may not be the next bestselling author. I may not have agent representation, and I may not have a published novel, but I'm proud of every step I make while doing what I love--writing.

I'm proud of my turkey too. Just look at it!

So, if you were one of the amazing people who won NaNoWriMo and wrote 50,000 words, I bow to your awesomeness!

And for the rest of you that didn't win NaNoWriMo or didn't even participate, I'm proud of you too. I'm sure you did something just as amazing during the month of November. 

Tell us all about it!


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