Friday, December 14, 2012

To Do

Note On A Cork Board

I'm so busy, but I'm getting there. I think. Let's see what's on my list...

  1. Write and send Christmas cards...Check.
  2. Bake 8 varieties of cookies. A 1/2 Check.
  3. Clean house. Check. Well, sort of. Is the house ever really clean for long?
  4. Buy Christmas gifts. Check. But there's always that one more gift...
  5. Wrap Gifts. 
  6. Food Shopping.
  7. Decorate house.
  8. Hang stockings.
  9. Trim Tree.
  10. Set up Spare bedroom.
  11. Pick up Amanda from airport.
  12. Pick up Mom and Sister from Bayonne.
  13. Make Stuffed french toast for Christmas breakfast.
  14. Make Baked zit and meatballs for Company Christmas party.
  15. Make Christmas dinner.
  16. Read The Night Before Christmas to Amanda.
  17. Relax. (Yeah, right.)

I'd better get back to work.

What about you? Are you almost ready?

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