Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pen Names

It's finished!

Almost a year ago, I had an idea. After months of revision, reworking, and rewriting, along with critiques by two people, (Thanks Courtney Rene and my brutally honest daughter, Amanda!) my adult novel is finally ready for the next step...the agent queries.

I have several published children's stories and am also working on my first YA novel. My completed novel (title withheld-hence, The Novel) is for adult audiences and should I be lucky enough to get it published, I plan on using a pseudonym or pen-name.

Nora Roberts, one of my favorite authors, uses a pseudonym for  her "In Death" series. Stephen King, another of my favorites, used a pseudonym for various titles. Even Samuel L. Clemens is best known as Mark Twain.

It took awhile to create a name I felt comfortable with but the pseudonym creation process felt easier than typing the name onto my manuscript.

The Novel is one of my babies. I lost sleep over the plots, ignored my housework while my characters revealed themselves, and missed more than a few hours of work to rewrite scenes. Somehow, it seems wrong to put a name other than my own as the author. It almost feels as if I'm putting my work up for adoption.

I know, I know, it is in my best interests to use a pen name if I ever hope to publish more children's stories. Still...

Do any of you write for both children and adults? What are your thoughts on pseudonyms? Do you use one? If so, what were your feelings the first time you used it on one of your manuscripts?