Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Loch" by Paul Zindel (Book Thoughts)

Fifteen year old Loch, nicknamed after Scotland's famous sea creature, and his younger sister, Zaidee, accompany their father, Dr. Sam Perkins on a scientific expedition to a lake in Vermont.

After witnessing one of Lake Champlain's prehistoric creatures, thought to be a myth, devour one very unlucky photographer, the expedition crew starts the hunt with a thirst for blood. Unable to trust their father's loyalties, Loch and Zaidee enlist the help of Sarah, the wealthy expedition leader's teen daughter.

Loch must keep their own discovery in the lake a secret as he tries to convince his father the expeditions should not destroy the creatures.

This book has plenty of edge-of-your-seat excitement.

While searching the Juvenile fiction shelves, I came across Paul Zindel's, "Loch." The cover art sent shivers up my spine but led me to believe this book was geared toward boy readers. I honestly didn't think I would enjoy it but I was curious to see what appealed to young male readers.

I was immediately hooked by the action and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.