Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Seven Things I've Learned

Although I've been an avid reader since grammar school, I'm convinced I lived under a rock my whole life.

Unlike so many of my writing friends, the writing bug bit me late in life. In 2008, I enrolled in the Children's Institute for Literature and I suddenly discovered a parallel universe filled with writers, agents, editors, and publishers.

I felt like an ostrich who pulled its head from the sand and realized a whole new world. I've only been writing for three years but I've learned so much so far.

Chuck Sambuchino's Editor's Blog Guide to Literary Agents does a recurring column asking writers for 7 things they've learned so far. Since I will probably never make Mr. Sambuchino's column, (no matter how much positive thinking I do,) I thought I would share 7 things of my own:

1. There are so many writers, both aspiring and published, and sometimes I get the feeling there are more writers than stars in the universe.

2. I've learned there are more children's writers than I could have ever imagined and most of them are trying to get a story in Highlights.

3. I haven't met a fellow writer yet who isn't helpful and considerate. Even the very successful ones!

4. Even though we are in a very competitive industry, most writers I know share markets.

5. There are so many stories that have already been written but there are still so many more that haven't been written yet.

6. I have more ideas than hours to write.

7. I will never stop learning new things.

What have you learned so far?