Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Market For You and Shameless Self-Promotion For Me

Each issue of Thematic Literary Magazine has a different theme. They made their debut last month with a "Mothers" issue.

"Thematic Literary Magazine has been created to help new and  amazing writers become professional authors.  Anyone who is familiar with the writing career path knows that being published is the only way to become established. We offer a friendly, competitive and helpful environment where writers can become professionals through hard work, networking and accomplishment."

I learned about them through Duotrope Digest's Weekly Wire e-mail and submitted one of my poems for their July issue. I'm ecstatic to say, they loved it! Exact word, I swear!

Now, Thematic does not offer compensation, but after almost a year of rejections, (I began to wonder if my prior acceptances were a fluke) their acceptance of my work was one of the highlights of my year and therefore, priceless to me.

Accepted contributors do receive one free copy of the issue their work appears but since Thematic supports emerging writers, I thought I would return the favor, and support them by buying a one-year subscription. Their subscription price was a small hardship for me this month (6 issues for $35) but I think of it as an investment. If they get enough subscribers, perhaps somewhere down the road, they may be financially able to offer compensation. And maybe, just maybe, another of my manuscripts may be accepted in the future. I can keep dreaming, can't I?

Anyway, I received my copy of their first issue and I love it! Exact words, I swear! The full-color magazine is printed on 31 thick glossy pages filled with short stories, poems, art, and photography. A beautiful magazine and I can't wait for their July issue. (Details to come...)

They now have a call for submissions for their September issue: Smitten. Stop by their site for details and why not follow them on Twitter?