Thursday, July 28, 2011

I Need A Little Help From My Friends

I've already admitted I'm stubborn when it comes to joining in on the latest crazes. I'm still catching up with the rest of the world's Harry Potter fans and aside from the bits and pieces of info I've seen on television and in magazines, I still know nothing about Twilight. (The books are on my TBR pile.)

But I'm changing my ways. Truly, I am. Well, I'm trying...

So, now I realize I've been quite stubborn on another thing and now I'm wondering if I must cave in, bite the bullet, and take the plunge on an E-reader.

I've seen and actually played around a little bit on a friend's Kindle. My daughter has an E-reader app on her iPhone and I've noticed so many books and publications are available only through an E-reader. All this kind of has me feeling a little left out of the loop.

When E-readers first came out, I was immediately put off by them. I knew their invention and widespread use would drastically change the literary universe in one way or another, but I also felt sad. See, I love, love books. I love the smell of the paper, the sound of pages turning, the texture of hardcover boards (I always remove the dust jackets while reading and recover them for storage, the weight in my hand, and the way they look when I line them up like soldiers (in size order) on a shelf. I can't help it. I will never give up print books. Ever. Even if they become illegal to own, I'll be a criminal.

As E-readers grew in popularity, they piqued my interest. (See, I'm not THAT stubborn) I even seriously debated buying an iPad which would have been so much fun but financially, I couldn't justify the purchase at that time.

Now, I know there are a whole bunch of arguments on both sides of the print books vs. e-readers debates and I understand it all. E-readers are lightweight, (no hand cramps while holding the massive tomes I love reading) have built-in lighting and anti-glare, (great for my aging eyes) almost any book I want at my fingertips, (no more waiting for books in the mail or trips to the bookstore) and I know that anyone who owns an E-reader loves it.

I know, I'll love it, too. (And probably spend a small fortune, 99 cents at a time) But, here's where I need your help.

I want to hear how owning an E-reader will help in my writing career.

Can you help me?