Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Longer Me

If you never tell someone
how much you care
you won't know they care about you.

If you never ask
you'll live in the dark,
with the false conclusions you drew.

If you're never honest,
to even yourself,
how can your heart know what's true?

If you never stop
and rest for awhile
your spirit will never renew.

If you never look
at both sides of the coin,
your views will be one-sided too.

If you never forgive,
hate can rot your insides.
Just let it go, start somewhere new.

If you never go anywhere,
'next time' may not come.
The chances we have are so few.

If you never fail,
how can you know joy
from success of the things you re-do?

If you never try,
you won't know you can.
You're cheating yourself of YOU.