Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fun at The Faire

I've always wanted to go to a Renaissance Faire. 

Last year, I attended one that was run by the County 4H Club. It was cute, but it was small and left me wondering if my expectations of a Ren Faire were a little too high. 

Then, my kid attended a faire in Pennsylvania with some friends. She was confident I would love this faire. The Pennsylvania Rennaisance Faire is open from the first weekend in August through October. Every weekend has a different theme. 

My expectations were a bit low after my initial Ren Faire encounter, but we chose to go for the Pyrate Invasion.

Of course, we dressed the part.

I was immediately impressed.

The Sirens

The King and I. 
(I was all aflutter!)

Music everywhere! 

I can't resist men in kilts. This is Tartanic. Visit their website and have a listen.

So much food!

Scotch Eggs.
Crabcake sandwich and pita chips with crab dip.

Steak on a Stake

Chicken on a Stake

And beer.

So many vendors!

Pirates with attitude.

Great characters and storyline!

Rene, our favorite French Court Jester

There was jousting!

Beautiful grounds!

And of course, the Pirate Auction!

I even learned all the words to 'Hoist the Colours' so I could sing along.

Yeah, the kid was right. I had a blast.