Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The other day, I was stalking agents socializing on Twitter. When I spotted this tweet:

Well, I've never been to a writer's conference. It's on my bucket list, but I can't seem to muster enough courage to go by myself, and all my writing friends live too far away. But yeah! Who wouldn't want one-on-one time with agents and editors? Especially when you've got two completed novels, and you're seeking agent representation.

So, I clicked on the link, and this is what I found:

The Work Conference--A Boutique Writer's Conference. March 18-20, 2016 in NYC


An inaugural writers’ conference focused on giving 30 fresh voices in adult or YA literature unprecedented access to the agents, editors and industry experts who can help make dreams come true.


The Work is all about details. From attendees to agents to lunch menus, the weekend’s finer points have been carefully considered and hand-selected.


A weekend of intensive attention to your novel, innovative programming, inspired revision, strong coffee, and big fun.

They had me at 'strong coffee.' No, but seriously. They had my attention. Only 30 attendees? That's basically a private writing conference!

Of course, with such a small number of attendees, simply signing up is not an option. Writers must submit the first ten pages of a completed/almost completed novel, a query letter, and a $50 application fee. If selected, the fee will go towards the tuition of $1200. 

My first thought at seeing the fees was, "Yikes!" but honestly, I think the program is well worth the price. Of course, I don't have that kind of money right now, but that's just logistics.

So. I applied. The worst thing that could happen is that I don't get chosen. I'll still get feedback on my submission and get a discount to apply next year. The best case scenario would be that I do get chosen. 

The conference is being held in NYC, which isn't very far from me, but I moved away from Urban NJ and settled in Rural NJ almost 25 years ago. The last time I was in the city was when my Best-Writing-Friend-Forever, Courtney came to visit. Two Small Town Writers in One Big City That was three years ago!! I have lost all sense of direction in the Big Apple and considering the conference highlights start at 8 am, there is no way I could stay home and attend the conference. If I get chosen, there would be a hotel stay involved. I know, I know--that means more money. Logistics.

They say that thinking positively and imagining the desired outcome helps manifest your desires. I already have everything planned out in my head. I'll worry about the finances when the time comes. 

Want to join me? Check it out! The Work Conference Tell them I sent you. Wish me luck!