Friday, September 11, 2015

I Almost Forgot, But Then I Remembered

It was a short work week, thank goodness! 96 degree heat wears me out--unless I'm sitting on a tropical beach with a frozen drink in my hand, my toes in the sand, and listening to a steel drum band. Sigh. Sorry. I was distracted for a moment.

The day job has been keeping me on my toes. I hardly have time for social media during the day which is a bummer. But I've been enjoying the contests and interactions on twitter. Do you follow me? I'm @deestan62 Do I follow you?

Anyway, I recently participated in #pg70pit and #pitchwars and just finished doing #pitmad. These contests are guaranteed to give you anxiety and the need to stalk twitter. They're fun though, and I learned a few things. #pitmad taught me how to pitch my book in 140 characters (Including the pitchmad hashtag and genre.)

It wasn't an easy task but I was lucky enough to stir up some interest for THE CLOVER KEY from a book publisher and an agent. I feel truly blessed, considering the staggering number of writers who joined in.

All of that twitter excitement left me with a bit of a social media hangover. Even so, I've been trying to stay current by posting Facebook statuses on my author page as well as my business page.

But then, I remembered what today's date was. Of course, I'm talking about 9/11.

There are so many heartbreaking stories, and although it happened 14 years ago, and I was 60 miles away from the towers that day, I'll never forget. In my younger days, I worked there and played there, and while listening to the reports on tv, I was able to fully visualize the interior of those buildings. I was horrified, imagining what those people endured. I cried for days and was unable to tear myself from the television screen. I still feel the same grief I felt that day whenever I see videos or hear 9/11 stories. I'm a mess even as I wrote this post.

So, I will be limiting my social media presence today to keep my sanity, but I will NEVER FORGET.

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