Friday, July 5, 2013

Four For Friday--Anne E Johnson

Four For Friday is a weekly feature where guest authors choose one of their own characters to complete four sentences. 

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This week's post is by Anne E. Johnson, You may remember Anne from her previous post when she introduced us to Webrid and Green Light Delivery. This week's post is from her new novel, Blue Diamond Delivery, Book 2 of the Webrid Chronicles.

ABNA STRAVIN is a genius. He’d be the first to tell you that. He’s also fabulous in every way. His slim body, covered in downy white feathers, could not be in greater contrast with Webrid’s coarse, hairy bulk. Stravin’s exquisite sense of fashion and decorum―not to mention his advanced engineering skills―also make him an unlikely drinking buddy for an ill-mannered, uneducated Yeril like Webrid.
Yet, downing bowls of Val-Hundred liquor at Reekol’s Pub while commiserating over bad dates used to be Stravin and Webrid’s only activity together. That all changed once Webrid started getting forced into bizarre interplanetary escapades. Webrid really needs a science guy to help him out on his quests. Stravin, unable to resist either an adventure or a chance to show off his stunning brilliance, is always eager to tag along.

1. When I see fireworks…

One of three things must be happening: A) I’ve invented a contraption so unexpected and complex that my own ingenuity is making me see stars. B) I’ve just met some gorgeous, gorgeous man, and he’s acknowledged the fact that I’m the smartest fellow he’s ever heard of. C) My dear old friend Zatell has just landed her rocket with typical inaccuracy, and has blown part of it up.

2. My favorite food on the BBQ is…

Honestly, darling. What do you take me for, a Yeril? This “BBQ,” as you call it, is fine for commoners like Webrid (whose answer to this question would, of course, be “Everything!”). As for me, I prefer to sit at a fine restaurant and nibble on braised loin of young kimpletta marinated in a delicate amafrest sauce.

3. When I want to cool off from the summer heat, I…

Design an invisible, extra-corporeal pressure field that converts heat molecules in the air, cooling them before they reach my skin. I’d say you could have one too, but you’d have to pay cash. Tremendous amounts of cash.

4. The last time I put on a bathing suit…

Eight men and seven women (comprising nine different species) fainted, revived, and asked me to dinner. And how did I respond? Why, I turned them all down, my dear! One must at least give the impression of offering a challenge.


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