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Four For Friday--Laura Vosika

Four For Friday is a weekly feature where guest authors choose one of their own characters to complete four sentences. 

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This week's post is by Laura Vosika, from her series of novels, The Blue Bells Chronicles.

Shawn Kleiner has it all: money, fame, a skyrocketing career as an international musical phenomenon, his beautiful girlfriend Amy, and all the women he wants--until the night Amy has enough and leaves him stranded in a Scottish castle tower.
He wakes up to find himself mistaken for Niall Campbell, medieval Highland warrior. Soon after, he is sent shimmying down a wind-torn castle wall into a dangerous cross country trek with Niall's tempting, but knife-wielding fiancee. They are pursued by English soldiers and a Scottish traitor who want Niall dead.
Thrown forward in time, Niall learns history’s horrifying account of his own death, and of the Scots’ slaughter at Bannockburn. Undaunted, he navigates the roiled waters of Shawn’s life-- pregnant girlfriend, amorous fans, enemies, and gambling debts--seeking a way to leap back across time to save his people, especially his beloved Allene. His growing fondness for Shawn’s life brings him face to face with his own weakness. 

1. When I see fireworks…

Shawn:love fireworks!  They take me right back to when I was a kid, with my dad.  We'd have these huge barbecues every Fourth of July and go see huge fireworks displays and listen to orchestras.  It's where I first heard the 1812 Overture.
Niall: We haven't got fireworks in 1314.  I never saw any in your time. What are they?
Shawn: Oh, maaaaan!  You're missing out big time.  Fireworks are the best.  Explosions in the sky!  Colors, lights! 
Niall: Do you think it's something the Laird could figure out how to build if you tell him how it's done?
Shawn: I'm not sure a woodworker is really equipped to do fireworks, but yeah, let's go down to that secret bat cave of his...
Niall: Yes!  You tell him how it's done, we'll find everything we need, he can figure things out!

2. My favorite food on the BBQ is…

Shawn: Barbecues are my thing!  Back in the twenty-first century, I would invite the whole orchestra over, and everyone I knew.  They'd come with their kids and families, there'd be music, I had this really great album, Best Hits of the Mandolin or something, and nobody liked it.  For a bunch of musicians, they don't know good music.
Niall: What's this barbecue thing? 
Shawn: Seriously?  Man, dude!  You're missing out!  We're going to have one in the courtyard at Glenmirril this summer.  Tell the Laird to get his cooks on it.  It's when you cook your brats and burgers over a fire instead of in the oven.
Niall: Our cooks cook everything over a fire.
Shawn: Face palm.  Yeah.  Well, this is different.  You have lots of beer.
Niall: We have ale with every meal.
Shawn: Look, we're veering off the question here.  My favorite food is...everything.  But the burgers have to have everything on them.  Everything!  So just go with what do you like best cooked over an open fire?
Niall:  Eel.  There was this time one of the men caught eel in the thing I've ever tasted!
Shawn:  Ew!  Eel?  Seriously?
Niall: They didn't tell you that's what was served at dinner last night?

3. When I want to cool off from the summer heat, I…

Shawn: Jump in a lake.  Minnesota has 15,000 to choose from.  Or I crank up the A/C.
Niall: A/C?
Shawn: Yeah, did you notice the hotel was always cooler than outside, when you were in my time?
Niall:  No.  I was a little more concerned about trying to save my country and everyone I know and love at Bannockburn, actually, than noticing temperatures.  Here, if I have time to think about cooling off, which I usually don't, I would go down to the bat cave.  Or there's a hall up on the third floor that catches the breeze off the loch better than any others.

4. The last time I put on a bathing suit…

Niall: What's a bathing suit?  You have suits for bathing in your time? 
Shawn: Bathing swimming, not bathing bathing.
Niall: A suit for swimming?  No, I've never had such a thing.  I don't swim.
Shawn: I wouldn't, either, if I had to share my swimming space with the Loch Ness monster.  Last time I put on a bathing suit...there was this girl....uh...well, never mind.  That was last summer.  Next time I put on a bathing suit is what matters.  I'm going to take Amy and my son to a beach, and teach him how to swim just like my dad taught me.
Laura Vosika, author of the Blue Bells Chronicles, is also working on several other novels and a non-fiction book on raising a large family.  Other publishing credits include an essay in Glamour magazine.
Laura grew up in the military, visiting castles in England, pig fests in Germany, and the historic sites of America's east coast. She earned a bachelor's degree in music, and master's degree in education, and worked for many years as a freelance musician, private music instructor, and school band director.
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