Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On Creative Blocks and Barricades: Breaking Through to The Other Side

I stalk Facebook and see my writing friends publish books, produce book trailers, and attend conferences and writer's conventions. I read other friends' statuses as they go camping, fishing, swimming, and frolic in the summer sun. Me? I got nothing. After work, I barely make it out onto my deck to water my container garden. 

I am physically, mentally, and creatively blocked.

Physically--I'm sluggish, overweight, and all-around unhealthy. My hot flashes are horrendous. It's easier to count the times that I don't have a flash in progress. Summer sun? Ugh. No thanks.

Mentally--I'm in a rut. I think it's relative to my physical state. I find myself cranky, pessimistic, and whiny.

Creatively--I haven't written anything besides e-mails, endless lists of things to do, or a rare blog post.

Sad, huh? So, I've decided to make some changes:

My last cigarette was on July 4th. While the country celebrated 237 years of independence, I celebrated independence from my addictions.
On that day, I also began a Master Cleanse for four days to rid my body of some of the toxins I've been marinating in. I plan on following with a three day juice cleanse, (More on that in a later post.) and on to a healthier way of eating. (I'm thinking of the Paleo diet)
My friend and I will be starting an exercise program in her home. Yes, the same one who had a plane crash in her front yard.

I'm hoping our exercise is a little less dramatic.

All of the above should help lessen the hot flashes. We'll see...

Since starting the cleanse, I'm no longer smoking like a chimney

or chugging coffee by the potful, so I no longer sit at the dining room table and stare into space, lamenting on all the things I need to do. I've been more productive in the past three days than I've been in the past three months. My energy has increased and I find myself getting out of bed by 5am, feeling fully rested. Let's see how long that lasts...

I haven't written a to-do list in four days. Instead, I've been busy crossing off the items and doing things that weren't even on that list. Writing? No. I haven't been that good, but I have unearthed the new novel I started awhile ago. I may even have the first three chapters done and highly polished by October's 2013 Baker's Dozen Contest.

Some of the changes I made are drastic, but they were definitely necessary. I'm hoping the detox program can jump start a healthier, energetic, and creative life.

Have you ever found yourself blocked? What did you do to climb out of your rut?


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